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140905 Chanyeol & Kyunsoo - Billionaire @ The Ultimate Group


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D.O, Suho - 140827 Nature Republic’s official twitter account update: “지금 EXO는 TV CF 촬영 중~♥ 멤버들의 손에 있는 저 제품은 무엇일까요?! 바로 전 세계인이 사랑하는 네이처리퍼블릭의 스테디셀러, 알로에 수.딩.젤! 완전체 EXO와 함께 한 ‘알로에 수딩젤’ TV CF 많이 기대해주세요! ^_^”
Translation: “Filming EXO’s TV CF right now~♥ Which product do you think the members are holding in their hands right now?! A steady seller that the entire world loves, Nature Republic’s Aloe Soothing Gel! Please expect the ‘Aloe Soothing Gel’ TV CF with all the members of EXO! ^_^”
Credit: Nature Republic.
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D.O - 140814 Official Mnet twitter update: “#디오 가 소개하는 H.O.T. 핫 송, ‘빛’ !! 여러분이 기억하는 H.O.T.의 핫 송은 무엇인가요?! 8월 15일 (금) 밤 10시 #Mnet ‘#EXO 902014’ 첫.방.송”
Translation: “#D.O is introducing H.O.T’s hot song, ‘Hope’!! Which H.O.T hot song do you remember?! August 15th (Friday) at 10pm #Mnet ‘#EXO 902014’ first.broadcast”
Credit: MnetKR.
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"They say "Hello, customer. Have a good day", "The life of a mart depends on the stocks, stocks are customers, customers are service" and the workers of ‘The Mart’ work their hardest to provide a 100% satisfaction to their customers and fight through the day, bearing with all the complaints and…

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D.O - 140729 ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’ official site update
Translation: Jaeyeol: “Kangwoo, do you like EXO’s D.O too?”, Kangwoo: “Nope, I don’t like Kyungsoo…”1
Credit: It’s Okay, It’s Love official site. (1Note: Kangwoo is exhibiting fan-level knowledge by using D.O’s real name, making his statement humorous)
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D.O - 140731 Lotte Duty Free fan event: “D.O, I love you”
Translation: D.O’s response: “Although I reject you, you must always love EXO yo”
Credit: Lotte. (롯데면세점)
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D.O - 140731 Lotte Duty Free fan event: “D.O, I love you”
Translation: D.O’s response: “I luv1 you too, you must spend a romantic Qi Xi2 with me ok”
Credit: Lotte. (롯데면세점) (1Note: He pronounces “love” in a cute way; 2Note: Qi Xi is Chinese Valentine’s Day)
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D.O - 140801 Manager Noh Youngmin’s instagram update: “강쩜우쩜”
Translation: “Kang.Woo.1”
Credit: Yongmin.Noh. (1Note: ‘Kangwoo’ is the name of D.O’s character in the drama ‘It’s Okay, It’s Love’, manager Noh has styled it to mimic the way D.O’s stage name is written)
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EXO-K - 140803 Ultimate Group’s weibo update: “#最强天团# EXO要来最强天团啦!大家是不是和小编一样激动呢?小编面对这十多个花美男,眼花缭乱啊。不过机智如小编小编特地根据EXO的偶吧们的特点做了关键词介绍,你们觉得怎么样呀”
Translation: “#Ultimate Group #EXO is coming to Ultimate Group! Is everyone as excited as Little Producer is? When facing these ten plus flower boys, Little Producer is bewildered. But intelligent Little Producer specially created a key word introduction based on the EXO oppas’ unique traits, what do you think of it!”
Suho"Determined: as everyone knows, before debut, Korean stars have to endure a long trainee journey, and EXO’s leader Suho endured for 7 years. Because of this determination, we have today’s Suho, the leader of EXO."Baekhyun"Eye liner: from debut, Baekhyun was named ‘Eye Liner Beautiful Boy’, without eye liner he becomes the cutie boy-next-door, when he draws on eye liner he gains additional charm, causing people to be unable to resist drowning in his eyes."Chanyeol"Rich in teeth: Chanyeol has the position of a mood-maker in EXO, and as soon as you see his large eyes and large, sparkling white teeth, your emotions will unconsciously be lifted, too! No wonder he always calls himself EXO’s Happy Virus!"D.O"Heart-shaped mouth: when it comes to D.O’s most unique feature in EXO, it must be those two large round eyes, and his heart-shaped mouth. The one with the heart-shaped mouth when he smiles - is he your heart’s most beloved?"Kai"Dancer: everyone says that men are most handsome when they are serious, but Kai is most handsome when he is dancing. Some people say he is a soulful dancer; every time he stands on stage, he attracts everyone’s gaze, and can be said to be the most charistmatic man!"Sehun"Baby: Sehun is EXO’s youngest member, and thus receives EXO’s collective adoration, being cared for like a little baby. But from debut up till today, baby has also been growing, with every bit of hard work seen by everyone, we believe he will be even more outstanding in the future!"
Credit: 最强天团.
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